Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bunch of old poems


Eye’s heavy, yet mind races. Eyes lighten into awakening.
Lack of sleep, broken hearted. Nothing feels right.
Pain ensures, my heart hollowing out as every second flows
Partitioned in two different lands, One with you, One without
This bridge between us crumbled from pure silence.
The less I have of you, the more painful it becomes.
Hollowed out, my heart frail to the touch.
A deaf ear to my cries, as I fade into agony.

I wake up…you aren’t there. You haven’t been there for months.
I fall asleep; you have been there for ages. I see you every night, and say goodbye every morning.
It’s painful, trying to see where it is going. When the petals fall glistening White…but as they hit the road, they soak to Red.
It is close to hatred…that I shove past…seeing tears are shed. Your petals wilt, soaking… caramelizing in this void. The petals sit, upon the ground…no more roads, just an open door, swinging closed. The bird has flown. Dropping the stem, it falls, it turns to dust.
Time passes, the bird returns, bringing me back my Iris…with luscious white petals, and a healthy stem. The bird begins to sing again…the door now wide open… back into the depths of an empty cage you come…petals and all.
I leave the door open…allowing the bird to come and go, as I adore this Iris…as much as before.

Love Destruction

I am in love with the goddess of destruction
How as much torment I feel throughout these days.
I love how I see the agony enthrall
I am going to burn in a balze of ecstacy.
I am thown into abyss, and love every second of her emptieness.
I am fearful of this will be the end of me.
But I love this destruction...


The warmth in my heart is fading away
This dark empty space is making its way
Without my warmth its there to stay
Bring back my warmth on this cold day

My heart beats for you
But this distance is slowing the pace
I don’t know how to finish this race
Fallen in agony, reaped away from you

Solemn (new)

Weighted down,
Holding ground,
Here I stand unable to move,
Stuck in place,
Burdened by belief,
Withdrawn and enclosed,
I stand solemn,
An empty cage.
A flower sits waiting,
Petals starting to wilt.
A funereal stance,
Waiting for strength,
Gaze upon my glory,
As I stand here solemn
Waiting for another flower.

The time

Its that time again
Time to write a new line
Time to frame the words we say
Time our actions into syncrancy
Time must move on
Time will always continue
Time will never come to an end,
and neither shall ours.


Taking aim, focusing, flash the light
Dilated eyes, lengthen the exposure.
Sitting still, as time passes by.
Angle up, snap the shot
Fan into existence, color blossoms.
Angle down, under pressure
Refocus, move into position.
Follow through and turn to new.
Take theses negatives, develop into radience.


An echo screams in the night, waking in the fright.
Jump out of bed, looking for what is said.
Do not run, do not hide. There is nothing I can't provide.
Shallow pools, drowning fools, nothing left aside.
Here we stand, whispering, afraid of echoed screams.
Love in sight, but dark as night.
Unknowing where it is, yet knowing its close.
Search and search and search, I find you.


Bring me fire,
Bring me brimstone,
Show me reality,
Wishing for alternate existance,
To know that this isn't it.
Can't hide the truth,
Can't deny there is nothing else.
Given fire, given brimstone.
This is all we have,
and solumn I stand.

Here We Go Tonight

Time in, *pause* time out, *pause* lets get this shit under control.
Break up, *pause* Love struck,*pause* knowing where its all gonna go.
We know the answer, and this cycle.
Everytime we know its not going to be alright, but *pause*
Here We Go Tonight!!!
oh yeah yeah oh (lol those background vocals =P)
here we go tonight.
We're everything tonight.
Just like all those other times,*pause* here we go tonight.

Wake up, *pause* dress up,*pause* kiss one last time.
Here we are, *pause* holding on, *pause* knowing it'll never last.
Jealousy, *pause* sympathy, *pause* all these feelings fill in the residue.
break up, *pause*love struck, *pause*like ever other fight.
But Here we go tonight,
Fuck off, Fuck on, time n' again.
Here we go tonight.
We're everything tonight.
Just like all those other times, here we go tonight.

Ooooo (again background)

Time in time out, *pause* all this love, *pause* and we go without.
Detached, held back, *pause* all we know is physicality.
Pain filled bliss,*pause* heart aching kiss. *pause*
Loveless love
Tears run our eyes, but here we go tonight.
Make love, lifelines flat, beating the corpse.
But Here we go tonight
not the final night
here we go tonight
not our final fight
Here we go tonight
here we go tonight
Oh yeah
Here we go tonight.

Cascading into the Infinum

Illusions of thought bring us here
looking down to the heart's tears
A nebula of exponential growth
our lives intertwine beyond this reality
Following down into the unknown
communication lost
Cascading into the Infinum,
Us becomes One