Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bunch of old poems


Eye’s heavy, yet mind races. Eyes lighten into awakening.
Lack of sleep, broken hearted. Nothing feels right.
Pain ensures, my heart hollowing out as every second flows
Partitioned in two different lands, One with you, One without
This bridge between us crumbled from pure silence.
The less I have of you, the more painful it becomes.
Hollowed out, my heart frail to the touch.
A deaf ear to my cries, as I fade into agony.

I wake up…you aren’t there. You haven’t been there for months.
I fall asleep; you have been there for ages. I see you every night, and say goodbye every morning.
It’s painful, trying to see where it is going. When the petals fall glistening White…but as they hit the road, they soak to Red.
It is close to hatred…that I shove past…seeing tears are shed. Your petals wilt, soaking… caramelizing in this void. The petals sit, upon the ground…no more roads, just an open door, swinging closed. The bird has flown. Dropping the stem, it falls, it turns to dust.
Time passes, the bird returns, bringing me back my Iris…with luscious white petals, and a healthy stem. The bird begins to sing again…the door now wide open… back into the depths of an empty cage you come…petals and all.
I leave the door open…allowing the bird to come and go, as I adore this Iris…as much as before.

Love Destruction

I am in love with the goddess of destruction
How as much torment I feel throughout these days.
I love how I see the agony enthrall
I am going to burn in a balze of ecstacy.
I am thown into abyss, and love every second of her emptieness.
I am fearful of this will be the end of me.
But I love this destruction...


The warmth in my heart is fading away
This dark empty space is making its way
Without my warmth its there to stay
Bring back my warmth on this cold day

My heart beats for you
But this distance is slowing the pace
I don’t know how to finish this race
Fallen in agony, reaped away from you

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