Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wake Up

Wake up,
Put my arm around you,
Kiss you gently until you wake,
You turn your head and smile and kiss me back.
Beaten hearts unite with our lips.
Envelop you in my arms as I glide on top.
Brush your hair with my hand as I kiss your lips.
Slip the covers up,
Feel your body, your curves, as I kiss lower.
Kissing down to your breasts,
teasing your nipples until they are hard.
Kissing lower as my arms spread your legs.
Hearing you moan, my heart flutters.
Taste of a goddess, climaxing into bliss.
Your eyes shine as I return for a kiss.
You grab on tight as I slowly enter.
Gasp for air, breathing each other in.
Our hips gyrate together as we reach for the heavens.
Ecstacy drives us even closer.
Wrapping ourselves in everlasting warmth.
Wake up,
Roll over, and you aren't there.
My head hits the pillow.
Another day for Winter.

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