Saturday, July 9, 2011


We pay a price with life. We know one day the toll must be paid. He waits, he lingers in wait.  It times end, questions will be asked. Were you happy? Were you sad? What did you regret? Would you go back?

These questions aren't for him to know, but for you to look back. Your toll is to realize, life becomes worry. Keep it simple, love and keep them close. Don't over complicate it. Be you, remember what you loved to do as a kid. Go out and play. We don't need technology, leave the phone at home. Time isn't wasted...walk don't drive. Enjoy the peace, go dance in the breeze.

Death will come, do not worry, live while you can. Don't linger on the defined. Don't stop and ask why. Enjoy the smiles when you have them.

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