Thursday, September 22, 2011


Here we are, side by side.
Press our lips together, smiling with our eyes.
A path of rediscovery we chose to venture.
Here we kiss as our hands explore.
You unzip and unbutton my pants as I do the same.
You grip me gently, becoming firm as you stroke.
Smiling gracefully, as you slowly glide your kisses.
Teasing the tip with licks, as your lips take me in.
Panting with pleasure, your tongue makes me speechless.

Climax approaching, I lift your head and glide my fingers into your pants.
Feeling you squirm with excitement, my fingers become wet as they enter.
Pulling off your pants, I begin to kiss up your legs. Panting as my fingers curl, pressing my tongue against you.
Moans let out, breathes become heavy, you contract in ecstacy.
You pull me up, and kiss me with energy as you slide me in.
The glow in your face, the embrace of your arms pushes me deeper.
Climax reached.
We kiss passionately as we stay one.
I take you in my arms, holding you as we fall asleep.

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